Pain is Pain…diminishing it does not make it disappear

“There’s no hierarchy of pain. Suffering should not be ranked, because pain is not a contest. …by diminishing my problems, I was judging myself and everyone else whose problems I had placed lower down on the hierarchy of pain. You can’t get through your pain by diminishing it.” Lori Gottlieb “Maybe You Should Talk toContinue reading “Pain is Pain…diminishing it does not make it disappear”

A Place for Silence

Silence. The word elicits a response regardless of the emotion. When said out loud in exclamation it will quiet a room. When said in a whisper it will quiet the brain. It is something we long for and in other times something we run from. It is a word, a state of being, an emotion,Continue reading “A Place for Silence”

Seeking Normal – Day 27

Day 27 prompt: Brene Brown says, “Today I will choose courage over comfort.” What courageous thing are you doing in your own life? My answer: This is a great prompt today because courage can be found in the things we do that take effort. Things that go against “easy”, things that we have to “force”,Continue reading “Seeking Normal – Day 27”

Seeking Normal – Day 19

Day 19 prompt: Author Janet Mock noted, “None of us should reach for normal. Normal is so basic.” What is your opinion? My answer: Well this is a fun prompt. I am not sure how I feel about this as I have tried it so many ways and normal feels resolved, normal feels calm, normalContinue reading “Seeking Normal – Day 19”

Seeking Normal – Day 17

Day 17 prompt: How has your normal changed or are you living the life you experienced as a child? Re-creation or Recreation? The prompt is a long-one this morning so I set the question above and offer the entire prompt here. Tara Westover said, “There is a way you experience life as a child, andContinue reading “Seeking Normal – Day 17”

Seeking Normal – Day 16

Day 16 prompt: What is your level-set? Why? The prompt is a long-one this morning so I set the question above and offer the entire prompt here. Admittedly I do not like the way I originally wrote the prompt so I am revising as I rewrite it below. 🙂 Everyone’s normal is predicated on theirContinue reading “Seeking Normal – Day 16”

Seeking Normal – Day 11

Day 11 prompt: How many variations of normal do you have in your life? For example today you may be happy or sad or ill – are they all “normal”? My answer: Interesting topic as it may be it about what is YOUR normal and my normal is obsession over diet and exercise and anxietyContinue reading “Seeking Normal – Day 11”

Seeking Normal – Day 10

Day 10 prompt: Is crisis normal for you? Are you creating crisis in your own life? In the lives of others? Are others creating crisis in your life? How do you begin to change that? My answer: Crisis is not normal for me. I am someone that has anxiety without crisis so to feed intoContinue reading “Seeking Normal – Day 10”

Seeking Normal – Day 9

Day 9 prompt: People talk about the “new” normal. What was the “old” normal? Did that label ever fit you? My answer: Well once again I could not have known when I wrote this prompt that I would one day be answering it in a world where the “new” normal is a daily condition. MyContinue reading “Seeking Normal – Day 9”

Seeking Normal – Day 8

Day 8 prompt: Is wanting control in every single aspect of our life normal? Control over every emotion, person, stressors, etc. that are in my life… My answer: I could not have known a year ago when writing this prompt journal that it would be put to the test in a pandemic that has takenContinue reading “Seeking Normal – Day 8”