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  • Are you present…or a million miles away…or both?

    September 16, 2019 by

    One of my favorite questions to ask my husband at any moment in time is “What are you thinking about right now?”. To which he typically answers, “nothing”. What? Huh? How is that possible? A quiet brain is not one I know; I almost said “blessed with” but thought better as I am blessed as I am, busy-minded and all. And that last sentence makes my point perfectly; even as I am writing this my brain is ahead of me and correcting me before I can type the words on the page. Active brain or quiet brain regardless; are you… Read more

  • I am going to just leave this here for you…

    September 14, 2019 by

    Let me just leave this right here. This thought, this feeling for you to ______. Sometimes we don’t have to fill in the blank. Sometimes the drama is in what we don’t say or do. This is a great strategy to make an impact but takes practice. Just saying enough, not giving it all up and leaving it is an art form. I was reminded of the impact of this idea upon reading a blog called “Six Word Stories”. Reading the first one, six words, left me saying “wow”. The impact of those six words hit me like a freight… Read more

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