Negotiate and Speak with Power!

Lori and Karen cooking up an idea to partner on a mastermind series called "Negotiate with Power"

Attention, Women Leaders!! Karen Laos and I are cooking up something big for you! 👏 We are joining forces to bring you a 3-month mastermind, “Negotiate and Speak with Power,” beginning on June 16.

Interact with your leadership peers in hospitality who have similar goals in an intimate environment. The group will be limited to 8 women. It’s designed for high-touch and high-quality connections. The intent is to build authentic and supportive relationships in a community where you feel safe to share your challenges and where we practice seeing real habit change through simple strategies that work.

What’s included:

  • Six 75-minute group sessions over the course of three months
  • One 45-minute individual coaching session with Karen
  • One 45-minute individual coaching session with Lori
  • Unlimited coaching in between sessions via voice access (using the Voxer app) and email coaching to the group and to Karen individually

Here are the details:

#fearlessleadership #womeninbusiness #useyourvoice

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