Seeking Normal – Day 11

Day 11 prompt:

How many variations of normal do you have in your life? For example today you may be happy or sad or ill – are they all “normal”?

My answer:

Interesting topic as it may be it about what is YOUR normal and my normal is obsession over diet and exercise and anxiety about things that others don’t even think about. This is MY normal. It is not what I embrace but it is what is true.

My normal makes me crazy as I just want to be free of a mindset that is always counting a calorie and pushing to be more disciplined but I am grateful deep down as it is what keeps me healthy. My normal also overthinks everything all the time. This has its pros and cons. It doesn’t allow for time to relax but it does force change.

I do check for “normal” in other areas of my life as I see conditions recurring I worry that those conditions look, from the outside, to be my normal. In the last year I have had a number of health problems and while I know they are not the norm, I worry that from someone else’s perspective it may appear that I am “not well” as a norm.

Last and worth mentioning is much like noted above in what my normal looks like from the outside, I like to be held accountable to “my normal” and find that when I share my intention, I create accountability to become my new norm. This is important as you decide to change your life. It takes work and time to make a habit a norm but by representing it as your normal; you have already pushed beyond a “want” as now it appears to be a need and so it is.

What is your norm? Be honest. Look from the inside and define normal but more importantly take the time to look from the outside. What does your normal look like from someone else’s perspective?

Life as I live it – L.

Human KIND

I have witnessed some amazing acts of kindness as we all have been exposed to thanks to social media. However I find pleasure in the smaller acts, those that seem less amazing based on “mass appeal”; but are far more impactful because those are the acts of kindness offered when no one is watching.

The other day I was getting on the Turnpike and the task of merging two lanes into one is always vexing as no one wants to let anyone in. The only way to merge in is to aggressively cut in front; or at least this is the way I do it. For this reason I was pleasantly surprised when looking in my rear-view mirror after making the merge and seeing the cars slowing down to let another car in…and then I realized it was a cop that was merging in. It occurred to me in that moment that if we were as willing to do the same for each other as we willing do for law enforcement, how much nicer this commute could be not to mention quicker. It really was very “human” and of course kind and proof that it can be done.

Today was one of those days where Human KIND amazed me. We were enjoying a day at the pool with friends and our adult kids. One of our kids has special needs and beyond those needs he is very special indeed. He is absolutely full of life, incredibly intelligent and the best “smack talker” around! What ensued was nothing short of kindness, pure HUMAN KINDNESS. The hotel guests that were also enjoying the pool quickly joined in his games, smack talking and fun! In a moment everyone at that pool was there for him, making sure that he was enjoying every moment.

This is what life is about; it is about the small things that can make the difference in one person’s day. Allowing someone to merge into traffic, yes it seems trivial but in a world of road rage and aggression in a moment it became worthy of witnessing and even better blogging. Witnessing the kindness of others to recognize a special day out for a very special person and deciding that it was worth their time to be a part of something so much greater than they could know at that time. This is the life I want to be a part of, that I want to live in. It’s starts with one and can spread like wildfire. Be a part of Human KIND and feel the blessings that will come back in return.

Life as I am blessed to see it — L.