And just like that it occurs to me. That I have indeed manifested this, the life I always dreamed of without realizing I was heading right for it. It just occurred to me this morning as I was finishing a 12-week program via the “The Artist’s Way”, that everything that I have done for the last 49 years has prepared me for the next chapter. I always said that when I turned 50-years old that I wanted to teach, I wanted to transition into a new chapter; and while I struggled to see the forest for the trees along the route today I have walked out of that forest, at the end of that path and turned around and there it is…every single tree, every sapling, every seed that was ever planted is now the forest. It is a wealth of experiences, paths and journeys; thorns, bites and equal amounts of sun shining through that will catapult me into my dream. Wow, I am in awe as I write this and the realization shows itself clear as the day that is beginning.

The irony is that I realize now, in this moment, that all of the work in raising my children, cultivating a partnership and friendship that has served as my marriage to the very best partner for me and building a career that can sustain it all has brought me to this place that I can realize the next chapter that lies in front of me. All along I thought my dream would not come to pass because of my lack of realization that the additional education I thought i needed was being attained all along. I dreamed of being a Professor and yet I am. I thought it would be teaching hospitality however I have just realized that it is that and so much more. I thought it would require another degree and yet I realize that there is no more that I can be taught in a structured environment that I have not learned through experience. It is taking what I have learned on these paths that will now be my next chapter. I have learned how to share, I have learned from the masters and I am not afraid. For the reality is that I have earned a doctorate in life studies, learned in a classroom that has been my last 49 years of life.

The epiphany is so profound, the realization that it, all of it, that I have worked for has lifted me to the place that I dreamed of, the place I wished to be, and now it is my only task to take the next steps. So now I walk back through the paths that I have beaten and worn and now reminiscing those walks with eyes wide open, I am able to see in hindsight those things that were beneath the surface. I will feel those things all over again with renewed senses and the benefit of maturity. The only task left “to do” is to simply to release the constraints that I have allowed to weigh me down through my own imprisonment and realize that I am free to go, to soar, to realize this new life, reality and existence without obstacle.

This is real, this is how it occurred to me on this morning as I was doing my “Morning Pages” and had this immense realization and thought enough to capture the moment in my writing. There are so many themes in this realization that are worth pointing out to avoid anything going missed.

  • The epiphany is simply as defined, “a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essentialĀ meaningĀ of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience.” I have been doing the work and through the work it suddenly appeared, my future, my dream in realization, in full color, right in front of me.
  • The power of manifestation as defined, “being able to harness your true destinies and desires in life, subconsciously put into vision, and then into reality. Everything you want of the universe is already yours the clearer your thoughts and thinking on the matter, the more timely and precise the delivery will come.” Put whatever it is out there, a goal, a FINISH LINE, a dream; whatever you want to call it simply put it out there and return to it often, doing the work along the way that you believe will bring you to that place…and it will be yours.
  • The faith as defined, “complete trust or confidence in something or someone.” If you believe in yourself and trust that what you want will be yours as long as you are willing to do the work, walk the path and have “faith” despite a guarantee that it will be, it will come, if you only believe.

I give this to you as my gift. A glimpse into my soul, my beliefs, my heart. I give back to myself the gift of documenting this moment to allow myself the privilege of revisiting this moment in all of its power. I look forward to the hindsight it will provide in ten years when I will be grateful that I took a chance on myself and willingness to share with YOU.

Life as I manifest it – L.

Epiphany aka AHA moments

Oprah made famous the “Aha moment” as she would interview a lifetime of people. As they would say something that would inspire her she would stop them, calling it an “aha moment” and then marinate on the thought. Call it an “aha moment” or an “epiphany”, whatever it is called these are the places where we grow.

When researching the word I found it interesting to learn that an Epiphany is actually “the feast of the three kings celebrated 12 days after Christmas”. Wow, that is not what I expected but of course a profound word would come from a profound celebration. The definition of Epiphany that I am exploring is rather ” a sudden and profound understanding of something”.

We have epiphanies throughout day, weeks and ultimately throughout our lives. I like to think that these are the moments where we truly grow. It is a thought that blows your mind, makes you think in a different way or inspires you to act. The growth can be found in both the epiphany itself and in the action it inspires.

When defining the “aha moment” Oprah notes that it is actually something you already knew. The “aha” is the remembering of what you already knew that resonates with your truth. It is an awakening…a glimpse of recognition.

An epiphany is an identifiable thought that creates awareness and inspiration the effort of “acting” on it can be difficult. Many times an epiphany is something that is out of reach of your daily routines or habits and therefore to employ that epiphany you have to do the work. This is where the internal conflict can begin because the work may or may not fit easily within your current environment. Knowing what I need to do versus what I actually do is always the internal conflict. Feeling the pressure of acknowledging and acting on an epiphany makes this internal conflict more intense.

When you have that moment of clarity what does it inspire in you and how do you act on it? When you decide instead to suppress it, why do you do that? Is it because acting on it will be too hard? I think this is exactly what occurs in me. Better yet I will set that intention to act and then through the process of acting decide it can wait. Not that it isn’t worth doing or acting on but that it is too hard in this moment or ever.

Whatever the result, revel in the epiphanies. Allow them to make you stop and say “AHA”! These moments of clarity are supposed to create response which is why they are epiphanies and not a “great idea”. When you have an epiphany, stop, enjoy the moment and then decide if it is actionable without losing the intrigue that defines a thought as an Epiphany.

Life as I see it – L.