Take it back!

Photo by Zhanna Fort on Pexels.com

Here we are post-pandemic and forever changed by so much more than a virus. We are changed by how we interact, who we interact with and when we interact. We have found yet another “line in the sand” as a country where “we decide” for ourselves. I will decide if I vaccinate; the most obvious of all decisions in this moment. How about all of those decisions that we are making quietly, personally, publicly without a declaration?

We are deciding:

  • Who we will spend our time, how and when. Long gone are the days of social pressures that forced us to be with people we don’t want to spend our time with or working for companies that made decisions for us. We are deciding; collectively and independently. We are no longer driven by the pressure of having to make social “appearances” for the fear of ____________.

I find this revealing and refreshing. It is revealing for us all to see who chooses us and who we choose. Who has “written us off” using the pandemic as the acceptable “Exit Door” on a friendship that had long seen its end? Who have we “moved on” past using “self-isolation” as an acceptable reason to end it? It is refreshing (after the sting) to be left with true quality relationships that are “worth the risk”. Relationships on our terms.

We are deciding:

  • Who we will work for, with and where. I am inspired by those that are taking back their freedom to decide and take the risk (while it is low) to move on from an employer that does not align with their values. The test of independence will be to see how those making the change own it when the roles reverse and employers are able to pushback again. Do you stand on your morals? Are you holding true to you when the ball is not in your court and you have to take the risk of holding the line?

It is refreshing to see people live their lives the way they decide; choosing for themselves. In order to make this stick, make sure you set it up for the long haul and not as supplemented temporarily.

Last but never least are those that inspire us to take notice of the freedom to “Take it Back” when we don’t notice that we have given too much. I was inspired by a conversation first with a dear friend that helped me to understand the power afforded if I would just exercise the value I have recognized but not afforded myself. This was further reinforced by one of “The Aunts” that reminded me to define it, protect it and DO IT.

I am “paying it forward” by reminding you that this is the season to “Take it back!” as there are “hall passes” and “escape hatches” everywhere. Open your eyes and your mind to the new possibility to redefine what is not working of you.

Life as I “Take it back!” – L.

Like a boss…Like my MOM

My mom was a career woman or so I liked to think she was; it never seemed like a job. She wore beautiful dresses and suits and went to an office every day. My mom could type like her fingers were gas-powered, it was impressive. She climbed the ranks from Secretary to Executive Admin to Payroll/HR before she would retire. She managed every single aspect of her office; Receptionist to President and CEO. She even managed gifts for his wife and girlfriend; but we aren’t going to talk about that…ha! Her efficiencies were admirable and her dedication almost to a fault. When I would “play” as a child I didn’t play doctor I played “my mom”; she was the one I wanted to be like, I wanted to be her.

Ironically today my job is very similar to what she did minus managing gifts for the wife and girlfriend…ha! While I am not an “admin” I administrate a significant organization of sales and revenue professionals and through efficiencies learned “honestly”. It was through watching and emulating her that I learned that this was the way to become who you wanted to be. You find the person that you admire and you emulate the things you value and leave the rest. I have done it my entire career. My two greatest mentors were my GM in West Palm and my Regional DORM in Atlanta. First it is worth noting that both of these people are WOMEN…woot…girl power! Second it is worth noting that they are two of the strongest women I will ever know in the workplace. They are relentless, unforgiving and dedicated to a fault…much like my mom. They like she taught me the things that I needed to learn most; the most important of those lessons was that this was not a popularity contest and if you are doing it “right” you will likely not be the most popular; ironically that still holds true today. My most recent mentor and dear friend always reminds me that “it is lonely at the top” and you have to “own it”.

i woke up this morning inspired for the new day and most importantly excited for the day ahead. It’s because I chose a career path that creates a passion inside of me that is illuminating and healing. I love what I do and the choice to find this love also came from my mom. She did not love her career path until the end when she found the world of payroll and HR. I learned early-on that I was going to work and I was going to work hard (it is in my DNA) but the difference is that I was going to find something I loved doing so my bad days would still be better than her good days. I did just that and still embrace the importance of loving what I do as I have said many times my company gets the benefit of my love for my discipline as if I didn’t do it here I will do it somewhere, it is who I am.

I close reminding all of you; mothers and fathers, big brothers or sisters; that someone is watching you and you are creating that role model; good or bad that they will learn from and either emulate or eradicate. (Ha! Did I mention that there were a few things I learned NOT to do from my mentors…ha!) My mom was my person in more ways than I have time to list here. What I can confirm wholeheartedly is that my career, my passion to work, my drive to be the best that came from my mom…and maybe a smidgen from my dad…but this it not about him :).

Missing my mom – L.