Seeking Normal – Day 29

Day 29 prompt: Iyanla Vinzant states, “There is no greater battle in life than the battle between the parts of your that want to be healed and the parts of you that are comfortable and content remaining broken.” What emotions does this statement evoke? What feels normal to you? My answer: This is a veryContinue reading “Seeking Normal – Day 29”

Seeking Normal – Day 28

Day 28 prompt: Normal is defined by cultures, religions, experiences, and demographics. What part of your normal is defined by these outside sources? My answer: My normal is defined by my experiences mostly. I belong to a mixed culture that I admire and attempt to own however as I was not raised fully “in it”Continue reading “Seeking Normal – Day 28”

Seeking Normal – Day 27

Day 27 prompt: Brene Brown says, “Today I will choose courage over comfort.” What courageous thing are you doing in your own life? My answer: This is a great prompt today because courage can be found in the things we do that take effort. Things that go against “easy”, things that we have to “force”,Continue reading “Seeking Normal – Day 27”

Seeking Normal – Day 26

Day 26 prompt: How do you change your normal? Experiences? Role Models? Do you want to change it? Do you need to? How can you know these will change your normal for the better? Was there a time you sought or made a change that you realized was NOT for the better? My answer: IContinue reading “Seeking Normal – Day 26”

Seeking Normal – Day 25

Day 25 prompt: We perceive “normal” in the context of our own experiences. Someone who grew up with domestic abuse thinks that’s normal until someone who experienced a life without abuse shows you that the state you are in is not “normal”. What about your normal have you come to realize isn’t or wasn’t “normal”?Continue reading “Seeking Normal – Day 25”

Seeking Normal – Day 24

Day 24 prompt: My husband’s favorite saying is, “nothing ever goes smooth.” That’s his response to things outside his normal. What is your response to a disruption in your normal? My answer: I try to think through why something is not going right and the way to accept that fate is to believe in fateContinue reading “Seeking Normal – Day 24”

Seeking Normal – Day 23

Day 23 prompt: T.D. Jakes notes, “If what you see modeled in front of you is in any way deformed or deranged your concept of normalcy is defined by what you see. It is hard to be what you have not seen.” If you believe this then how can you change your normal? Can youContinue reading “Seeking Normal – Day 23”

Seeking Normal – Day 22

Day 22 prompt: Gary Kiel (my super-handsome spouse) says normal is whatever is the middle in the group of people you are with at that moment. Normal resides in the middle of two extremes and can change based on the group dynamic. What group best defines your normal? My answer: This is a great promptContinue reading “Seeking Normal – Day 22”

Seeking Normal – Day 20

Day 20 prompt: At what point in your life are you in striving and how far away is being content? Entire prompt: Joel Osteen notes, “We spent all this time striving and and now can’t be content where we are or with what we have achieved. Enjoy where you are right now.” My answer: WeContinue reading “Seeking Normal – Day 20”

Seeking Normal – Day 19

Day 19 prompt: Author Janet Mock noted, “None of us should reach for normal. Normal is so basic.” What is your opinion? My answer: Well this is a fun prompt. I am not sure how I feel about this as I have tried it so many ways and normal feels resolved, normal feels calm, normalContinue reading “Seeking Normal – Day 19”