Who am I…now

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

What a question. Who am I? No better yet, who am I…now? 50. Married 25 years. Three grown children. “Always Starting” and trying to stop. “The Art of Never Giving Up” but I should. Who am I? That is is going to take a long time to define. Who am I now…in this minute, in this decade, at this time.

This question was posed to me to ponder. If truly understanding the question at hand it is not about who you think you are or who you are defined but more who are you now at this time in your life. It is then followed by “What do you want in your life?”.

It is an interesting intersection to be turning 50 a week before the youngest of your three kids graduates from high school. So much change in such a short period of time leads to hours of contemplation. I was contemplating long before the day came and still contemplating now.

So rather than run down the track of contemplation, let me answer the question, “Who am I?”

  • I am 50 years of age. That number as defined by me is wisdom to know what you know and more importantly, trust what you know.
  • I am in a solid career. Solid meaning both the career is a stable one and my place in it is as well.
  • I am in a strong marriage. This has truly been tested in the last four years. The death of my mother, the threat of my own health, and the transition of our son have taught me that we can handle anything.
  • I am well. I contemplate (there is that word again) if I “am” well or “have” wellness. I know how to be well. I don’t always do those things that promote wellness.

This is who I am “today” and now know that this will change every single day and sometimes within the day. I always wake up as a Captain of the day setting my course with great discipline and by the afternoon I am a drunken soldier stumbling through the remaining hours with reckless abandon for all I thought I wanted on the course of that day.


Is this really a question to answer or a reminder that there is no final answer. The question itself is the journey.

Life as I live it. L.

Give it Time…literally

It will come in time, if you give it time… This is a reminder that all things worth having are worth waiting for but more importantly they are also worth time. While we are setting our intentions it is not enough to “set it and forget it”. To state the intention is the first step however we have to give the intention our time, passion and energy to work it into our lives and in time it will come naturally.

You would no sooner believe that saying you want to lose weight would be all that it would take to lose the weight. You would no sooner believe that saying you want a college degree would grant you one. Why then would you expect that setting an intention less tangible, like contentment, wisdom or respect would breed the intended result without the effort. It is always going to require time and effort and in time the effort will be less noticeable and the result will be received.

In all intentions we have to find the time to define, create and activate our intentions. Time is the price we pay to have what we intend and time is truly finite. There is no way to make more than we are given in our 24 hours a day but the decision on what you spend your time on is always yours. Are you giving time to your intention? Set it and forget it and it will be right where you left it…stalled.

In the theme of giving “it” time we have to find a place for all things and put all things in their place. Balance is the verb, juggling is a symptom of losing balance. Unless you have large amounts of time not filled with other things you will have to balance the new intention by removing those things that no longer serve you. If you are juggling, it is a losing proposition. Every juggler will eventually experience a break in the cadence where something falls. Balance don’t juggle.

There is no secret to success, this is it. Those that succeed simply make the time to accomplish their intentions through giving it time. They don’t worry how long it will take because they are moving towards that intention every day. Do or don’t, that is truly where intention lies. Do what you intend and live the life you intend; don’t and you won’t. Simple.

Life as I see it – L.