Everything Means Something…

I was pushed recently about why I think everything needs to mean something.  Why can’t something just “be” what it is without having meaning.  I have explored this thought for many months now since it was originally asked of me.  I find that life with meaning is far more valuable, at least to me, andContinue reading “Everything Means Something…”

Seeking Normal – Day 22

Day 22 prompt: Gary Kiel (my super-handsome spouse) says normal is whatever is the middle in the group of people you are with at that moment. Normal resides in the middle of two extremes and can change based on the group dynamic. What group best defines your normal? My answer: This is a great promptContinue reading “Seeking Normal – Day 22”

Standing up for Support – Dump the Doubters!

My favorite time of the month has arrived. I get to sit here with my soulmates, those looking for an answer to obesity. Dr. Smith, my hero, stands at the front of the room explaining why this surgery is necessary for those that sit in front of him. The difference between “us” and the restContinue reading “Standing up for Support – Dump the Doubters!”

Drop the weight…it is all about the tools…and the work

The one thing that we, as a society, have in common is that we are an overweight society as defined by the medical community and socially. After losing 140 pounds I too am currently considered overweight as my weight is just a few pounds north of what a 5’3″ individual “should weigh”. Factor in BMIContinue reading “Drop the weight…it is all about the tools…and the work”

Bariatric Boomerang

Today is my monthly session at Celebration Health to speak to the Bariatric Info Group. As I have reported before I like to sit in the very back of the room, where I sat for the first time four years ago. I am always in awe of the courage in the room; the 27 pplContinue reading “Bariatric Boomerang”

Bypassing it forward

I sit here in the very back of the room watching the slides scroll through weight loss before and after’s. I am here to give my monthly support to the Bariatric program that saved my life. Most know my story; after 30 years of dieting, underwent Gastric Bypass, 140 lbs lost, 274 lbs at myContinue reading “Bypassing it forward”


The Struggle This weight loss journey or “curse” started when I was 15 years old. I was never truly overweight but always bigger than my friends. It became a “thing” when my first prom came around and I went shopping with my mom at the mall to find a prom dress. I was probably aContinue reading “Bypassed…”