Honoring Her – Two years later, sucks

Well, here we go, the last day of the second year since she passed.  I am still standing, she knew I would be, however, there were moments I had my doubts.  I think of her daily and everything reminds me of her.  I am either remembering our life together or wondering what she would thinkContinue reading “Honoring Her – Two years later, sucks”

A Case for Aunts

Aunt’s are important, no doubt about it. What I have been privy to in my life is that more than important, Aunt’s are vital. While I value my Uncle’s they have not had the profound affect in my life that my Aunt’s have and as I look around me I realize that Aunt’s are trulyContinue reading “A Case for Aunts”

Forgiveness…on my terms

Forgiveness is a tricky thing; concept and word. We all understand that on the surface it suggests that we will “let go” of something that has harmed us. However in deeper terms you often hear of stories of forgiveness that breach concept; like when a mother forgives the person that murdered her child. I haveContinue reading “Forgiveness…on my terms”

My safe place…YOU

On this 24th wedding anniversary I am moved to dedicate this blog to my husband. I was talking to a friend today and telling her that 24 years is a lifetime and when I think back to when we met I realize that we have lived more years together than apart. Many couples talk aboutContinue reading “My safe place…YOU”

Friendships – Do they choose us or do we choose them or…

Friendship is something we all learn about early in our lives. Our first friends are typically our parents, friends children, cousins or if you are so blessed, a sibling. These early relationship form so easily out of the commonality of having parents that like to spend time together and hence your friends are formed. TheseContinue reading “Friendships – Do they choose us or do we choose them or…”

Fellowship is my jam!

Anyone that knows me well knows that my favorite way to spend my time is having FELLOWSHIP with my friend and family. Fellowship is time well spent. Fellowship is sharing heart and soul with those that are best described as “your people” or as blogged yesterday “your circle”. My favorite moments are those at theContinue reading “Fellowship is my jam!”