Seeking Normal – Day 16

Day 16 prompt: What is your level-set? Why? The prompt is a long-one this morning so I set the question above and offer the entire prompt here. Admittedly I do not like the way I originally wrote the prompt so I am revising as I rewrite it below. 🙂 Everyone's normal is predicated on their... Continue Reading →

Grief a year later…still sucks

This is the final five days of what was her last week. This year I am at work, working on budgets seemingly easy as compared to last year but gut-wrenching when I think about what makes it easier. I am living my life without her and while I have tricked myself into thinking I had... Continue Reading →

It’s in the Blueprints…

It's in the's our's who we are...there are things you can change and some you cannot. Knowing the difference is imperative in both cases. When you build a house there are walls for the sake of creating space and there are walls that are structural supports. These structural walls cannot be moved, they... Continue Reading →

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