Monday…the day to start?

Today is Monday, the day we START everything we put off. Why is this the case? It is the classic “start everything” day, especially for diets and exercising. As I recall my 30 years of dieting, EVERY diet would start on a Monday. That meant that the binge would be ON all weekend! YUM!

As noted, Monday is the classic starting day but then what do the other days signify? Do you check yourself on Wednesday (Hump Day) and when Friday comes is any of that discipline left in tact?? By Saturday or Sunday many of us are talking about how we are going to start again on Monday…ha!!

I asked my family their thoughts on this and…

Gary said that we start everything that feels like work or takes effort on Monday’s because that is naturally the day that we start work. That might explain why we put off until Monday those things that we dread.

Cameron notes that Monday’s have not had quite the same meaning as his schedule in the F&B world never starts on a Monday so it has no “beginning” significance. He also notes that his life lacks routine, not discipline, but the routine of most lives that start hon a Monday end on a Friday, play all weekend and do it all over again.

Molly reminds me that the calendar actually starts on a Sunday. Hmmm…this girl always throws a wrench in it!

Brendan notes…well Brendan notes nothing because Monday’s are a gaming day, just like Tuesday, just like Wednesday…well you get the idea. The life of a gamer!

The way I see it is as follows; Monday is a great day to start again but so is Tuesday, Wednesday or any other day for that matter. The love of Monday is that it is the weeks way of starting us over; refreshing us. The same goes for the first of every month, New Years and our birthday’s.

I hope this Monday has served you well. Offered you a fresh start to a new week! Enjoy the rest of today; we have a few hours left in this MONDAY – embrace it!

p.s. Music loves Monday’s, name the artist:

  • Manic Monday
  • Blue Monday
  • New Moon on Monday
  • Rainy Days and Monday’s
  • Monday Monday

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