4-Letter Word Series – poop, f-word and LOVE…

Well when my Aunt Jud came up with this suggestion for a series of blogs called “Four Letter Words” I am positive that she never thought the first word of this series would be POOP! As offered by my dearest K when I asked which 4-letter word we should start with the first that came to mind was POOP!!! Well it is certainly 4-letters and as we know poop happens; especially when you spend your days with a 2-yr old and 1-yr old. πŸ™‚

The inspiration behind “4-letter words” is the sheer emotion that a 4-letter word can conjure up in the reader, listener and the impact it dispels on all within earshot. I read recently, when studying on the success of writing, to not use words that are unnecessarily complex as it is a turnoff to the reader. I laughed at this as I recall our dear friends always giving me a hard-time for my vocab through the years. Pontificating on this ribbing I cannot recollect on the lexicon causing such jocularity! Ha!!!

Okay back to the subject matter…4-letter words. Tonight I would like to start with what I believe to be the best and worst 4-letter words. The most obvious and the one to elicit the most reaction is of course the “F-word”. There is something about this word, this little 4-letter word that can bring a punch to any sentence, interaction or confrontation by the shear mention. I recall when I was in my 20’s, it was not a word that I used, but I had a friend that used it regularly. Every time she would say the word I would cringe. Worse, when she would say it in front of my kids I wanted to recoil. I am now guilty for using this word all to often and I dislike its place in my vocabulary. There is simply no reason to use this word unless you are trying to attract attention or intimidate.

As I searched for meaning and where this word originated I learned that it was first printed in a dictionary in 1598 and was later banned from the Oxford English Dictionary. Dictionary.com notes that its origins are “remotely derived from the Latin futuere and Old German ficken/fucken meaning β€˜to strike or penetrate”.

The opposite of the most hated, despised 4-letter word is LOVE. Love is a sweet word in most forms but is able to express sarcasm and discord equally. Love is a word in my lifetime that was not often said but undoubtedly known. It is a feeling more powerful than the spoken word in both the best and the worst. I Love hard and Love to be Loved but am disappointed by everlasting Love that is short-lived. Love can be the greatest gift and the severest weapon. Love should never be used as an excuse to stay or endure as Love doesn’t hurt, Love respects and honors.

So our first series of 4-letter words starts with

  • Poop – yep it happens…and sometimes it doesn’t and you end up in a hospital embarrassed as hell when you think you are having a complication and you are “acutely constipated”…true story, stupid as hell!
  • F-word – a word that does not rhyme with do, re, mi and needs to find its way out of our vocabulary. It is unnecessary it is a word used when we cannot summon the brainpower to do the work.
  • LOVE – the universal word of kindness, the emotion we chase, we long for, we sacrifice for the good, the bad and yes, the ugly.

4-Letter Word Series started! Woot! Looking forward to sharing the f’n poop out of my love for all of my followers! Living as I say it 4-letter words at a time – L.

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  1. As most people well know, I HATE the F-word! I realize people use it with every other breath in conversation nowadays, but I personally find it very rude, disrespectful, crude, degrading and unrefined in the manner it’s used in today’s everyday conversation.. However, that’s just me. And no, I’m not a prude, I just think it’s not necessary. So carry on……Everyone has to do what they have to do….or say. πŸ™‚

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