Day 21 prompt:

Michelle Obama said, “I was checking the boxes defining who I was supposed to be.”

Are you checking boxes or living or striving or standing still?

My answer:

I am definitely checking the boxes because I have created a purpose-driven life that is defined by planning and then doing. In the last month, I have come to realize that I plan more than I do and that imbalance leaves me feeling unaccomplished. I am focusing more now on doing and less planning always knowing what the plan is naturally.

I think many of us have also felt that in our “normal” lives that we have been checking the boxes, living on cruise control. Weekdays full of the same routines can make life feel mundane however life is lived in the moments in between our routines. I am learning the value of spending a half hour in nature, taking a walk when I don’t have the energy for something more and stopping to share my time with others when the moments present themselves regardless of what there is “to do”. The “to do” lists will always be there, but those moments will pass unrecognized if you don’t take a moment to truly STOP to smell the roses.

Life as I live it – L.

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