Passion Project…”Life” or why live it?

The journey is not work, unless you are on the wrong path. Course correct and leave the work behind. I am on Medium today and in the midst of a 24-minute read when this quote appears before me… “Crave the result so intensely that the work is irrelevant.”Michael Jordan’s performance coach, Tim Grover …and in... Continue Reading →

Happiness is Presence

It occurs to me as I am sitting in the arena. Friends next to me, family nearby, and screaming fans all around me. Happiness is here. Happiness is present, are you? I thought for a moment that this place might be the happiest place on earth. A hockey game, that is where happiness was present... Continue Reading →

Silenced No More

The irony of realizing that I have not posted one blog since pouring my silent retreat experience into words. Silenced for three months? Or a life that has been so noisy there is no room for thought? Or pure avoidance of sitting in one more thought in silence? Whatever it is, here I sit, not... Continue Reading →

Stepping into Silence

Stumbling into Silence Arrival was abrupt.  Unpacking my car and starting the klutzy balance of suitcase, duffel bag, yoga mat and other "essentials" into the building that welcomes you more like a prison and less like a resort.  Three steps up into the foyer (very loose concept) and realizing it is 100 degrees inside and... Continue Reading →

Hyperventilating in Silence

There is power in meditation. Positively, back breaking, soul stripping power. Sit still, breathe in, breathe out…stay a while. You don’t have a choice. You can’t run away from the mind, the ego, the intellect or the self. Here we sit as one HARMonizing. Take it all in, it’s already there.

This is what silence feels like

Sitting on the bed in my 18th floor Dallas hotel room with the window open, sun shining through and in the moment. The moment is solitary but soothing, and silence is recognizable in this space. Silence showed itself like a long-lost friend. It was refreshing and revealing. I liked it and wanted to stay in... Continue Reading →

Driven to Silence

Photo by Anna Shvets on Today is the day, the start of a 5-day adventure into silence. What am I doing?!?! This crazy idea started back in May when talking to my therapist who shared with me that he had recently come back from a 7-day silent retreat out in Big Sur. He was... Continue Reading →

Righting in silence

Writing is the act of letting it all pour out of you, a waterfall of words that smother a voice from within holding hostage in silence everything that means something.

Take it back!

Photo by Zhanna Fort on Here we are post-pandemic and forever changed by so much more than a virus. We are changed by how we interact, who we interact with and when we interact. We have found yet another "line in the sand" as a country where "we decide" for ourselves. I will decide... Continue Reading →

Moving to Moderation

HBR article "In Praise of Extreme Moderation" spoke to me this morning. This is an article that will resonate with every one of us regardless of where we fall; moderate or extreme. It calls out the new norm of practicing extremism in all that we do. It calls out the “new” need to do everything... Continue Reading →

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