Dress Rehearsal to 50 with only six months more to practice before my debut!

Time to stop the guesswork Run don’t run, eat don’t eat, work don’t work, sit don’t sit…it’s insanity! Everything we are supposed to do, we aren’t. Everyone we are supposed to be, we shouldn’t. Where is the line and who decides when you cross over? What I know is that when I run I amContinue reading “Dress Rehearsal to 50 with only six months more to practice before my debut!”

Pain is Pain…diminishing it does not make it disappear

“There’s no hierarchy of pain. Suffering should not be ranked, because pain is not a contest. …by diminishing my problems, I was judging myself and everyone else whose problems I had placed lower down on the hierarchy of pain. You can’t get through your pain by diminishing it.” Lori Gottlieb “Maybe You Should Talk toContinue reading “Pain is Pain…diminishing it does not make it disappear”

Seeking Normal – Day 18

Day 18 prompt: Do you recognize “normal” in your life when it is at its peak? At what point do you look back and realize that you long for “normal”? Sometimes it is a normal that you didn’t even realize you had until it’s gone. My answer: Well we are all keenly aware of whatContinue reading “Seeking Normal – Day 18”

Separation…give it space and time

Separation is… Initially when you think of the act of separating it likely brings about negative feelings. The act of taking something apart, the idea of removing one thing from another feels like loss. However what I have learned is that separation is the very thing that brings about perspective; not sometimes, but every time.Continue reading “Separation…give it space and time”

Back to me…

I had a great conversation with my Aunt this week, I asked her what she thought of the last few blogs that were born out of my reactions to the books I am currently reading and she said “I didn’t love them”. I wasn’t surprised because quite frankly, neither did I. Her point was thatContinue reading “Back to me…”

Singular Sensation – Daily Post

As I have taken on this new blog I am learning as I go. I get a tip or assignment daily from WordPress Blogging University which is helping me to learn a bit more about all things blogging! Today’s assignment is to pick a writing prompt from “365 Days of Writing Prompts” and as itContinue reading “Singular Sensation – Daily Post”