A Place for Silence

Silence. The word elicits a response regardless of the emotion. When said out loud in exclamation it will quiet a room. When said in a whisper it will quiet the brain. It is something we long for and in other times something we run from. It is a word, a state of being, an emotion,Continue reading “A Place for Silence”

I am going to just leave this here for you…

Let me just leave this right here. This thought, this feeling for you to ______. Sometimes we don’t have to fill in the blank. Sometimes the drama is in what we don’t say or do. This is a great strategy to make an impact but takes practice. Just saying enough, not giving it all upContinue reading “I am going to just leave this here for you…”

Shut your mouth…

What you say is what you will become; our words are our most powerful medium. More powerful than thoughts because they put into the universe for all to hear, digest and emote. Being an outspoken person I have seen the ups and downs of being heard. The good and the bad, the moments I wishContinue reading “Shut your mouth…”


Silence is the complete absence of sound. Wow, I just read those words and am left with reverberations through my brain. I have never been one that liked silence much. In the car I always have the music on, at home the TV is going (even at bedtime until I fall asleep) and while IContinue reading “Silence”

Fiercely Independent…

Happy Independence Day America! Happy Fourth of July! I am so grateful to the men and women who fight for my freedom. I am proud to be an American and know that living in THIS country is indeed a privilege. While I honor the day I have to take advantage of the theory of INDEPENDENCEContinue reading “Fiercely Independent…”