Psychic Expectation

Today I visited Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp. It is the “Psychic Capital of the World”. This would be both my second visit to Cassadaga and my second reading ever. I have always been leary of “messing” with this side of the universe. I absolutely do believe in psychics, mediums and healers but believed I was better not knowing the unknown.

Desperately Seeking Psychic

My history with the supernatural are few but one was very meaningful. New Years Day 2018 I decided out of the blue that I was going to go visit a psychic to get the answers I was longing for as to whether I was doing enough for my mother. At that time we were three months into her cancer diagnosis and two months into treatment. When I decided I wanted to go I was sitting at Panera by myself, reading a book and it occurred to me that I was going to go to Cassadaga. I Googled to find a psychic before heading over and found Peter. He appealed to me because of the many titles he carried and noted that he had been featured on TLC. I figured if he had managed to make it on TV there had to be something about him. I called him and he told me to head on over. Let’s pause for a Public Service Announcement:

I would warn against doing what I did…I proceeded to Peter’s house. Meanwhile no one in the world knew I was going there, where I was or how to find me. When I got to Peter’s house I realized that I might be walking into the next Dateline as for all I knew he could have been a serial killer and I was walking right into his house, alone. DUMB! So very DUMB!

Back to the story…when I arrived at Peter’s house I was unassuming; wearing a ball cap, dressed in all gray, no jewelry, no make-up, driving my husband’s truck. I decided as I waited for Peter that I was going to keep a straight-face and say as little as possible. This poor guy had no idea the skeptic that had walked in his house.

It didn’t take long before Peter had me hook, line and sinker. He was so quirky exactly as I would expect, he didn’t disappoint. He used Tarot Cards for my reading and as he would deal the cards my story was unfolding. He would ask a question to see if he was on the right path and I would barely utter a word, I would give him a yea, uh huh or nod of my head. His reading was 100% on point. He made me a believer and gave me exactly what I came in for, the reassurance that I was indeed doing all I could for my mom. Peter ended our session together with a spiritual cleansing which was a perfect way to start the New Year.

Spiritually Enriching

Today I did not go seeking anything more than fellowship with the three beautiful souls I went on this journey of spiritual enlightenment with…Ha! aka a great lunch at The Table in Deland and then four appointments as assigned by the Hotel Cassadaga. I did request the person I would see today, Aylah, as she had been referred to me. As soon as I met Aylah the energy between us was undeniable. I was actually worried that I might have screwed up that energy by trying to reach out to her via email initially. She assured me that was not the case. I enjoyed the 30 minutes we spent together and there were certainly many things that she said that appealed to me and my current state and then of course there were a few that did not connect…at least for today. I came out of this reading feeling enlightened as my spirits were high and I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with this Spiritual Soul.

This time was certainly different as I did not go in as a skeptic but as an optimist that I would hear something that would resonate. This time was different because I wasn’t carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. This time was different…well…because so am I. I half-halfheartedly wanted my mother to show herself and there were certainly some ironies but there was nothing apparent. When I think about the reality of that “want” it makes me laugh, because anyone that knows my mom knows that this is definitely not her “thing”.

Psychic Expectation

I have to acknowledge that while I do believe in the power of psychics, mediums and healers I also acknowledge that the success of the reading depends on the expectation. You cannot help having some expectation when you go otherwise why would you go? I had a heavy expectation the first time I went and this time while I was going more for fun I did selfishly want to hear something that would connect. In listening for those connections it is hard not to try to make sense of what you are hearing and that is where I fear we can make something out of nothing. There is little harm in this if all it offers is hope and a watchful eye for those few things that did not connect.

In the end today was a great day, it was full of fellowship with my family. It is exactly where I wanted to be and I loved every minute of it. I had the benefit of meeting a beautiful soul who offered me advice, optimism and the reassurance that it is all going to be okay…but I knew that before I went.

This is life as I see it – L.

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