It is what it is…

…or is it? We hear this all the time; it is our cultures way of allowing things that otherwise cause disdain to exist. I checked the Urban Dictionary and it defined it as ” Used often in the business world, this incredibly versatile phrase can be literally translated as “fuck it.” to this I say #WORD and WOW!!!

Sometimes the phrase is entirely necessary to allow you to resolve something that you cannot change or affect. If it helps you move on from something that you need to move on from then “it is what it is”. I think I use it most often to help other people move on because I am typically too darn stubborn to let it be.

I worry when I actually use this phrase because it is a form of giving up on something; because in those moments I worry that I am at a critical point of caring less. It is not in my nature to give up but that gets me in trouble, causes me stress and creates my own misery sometimes. Today was one of those days. I should have said “it is what it is” long ago on a situation that I have given way too much power for too long. Fighting for “it” has made me look like the lesser person. To compromise myself for someone or something that has no value in my life is simply displaced angst.

Tonight I take a stand and say “It is What It is!!!” not giving up simply resolving not to spend my energy on things and people that do not matter. it feels good and that is a start…it is what it is – L.

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