Feel Something…

As I was driving to work today my favorite song from Sia came on; “Breathe Me”. This song absolutely makes me feel something. I immediately catch my breath, turn up the music to take it in as loudly as I can, feeling every word inside and out. I love anything that makes me FEEL SOMETHING.

Isn’t this life all about feeling something? Where there is no feeling there is no life. I live to feel and I feel to live; it’s the emotion, the ups, the downs and everything in between.

Music is the ultimate in feeling for me. A song can take me back in a New York minute I am jettisoned to the very moment in time, where I was, who I was with and how I felt in that moment. I heard “Mandy” by Barry Manilow on the radio over the weekend and there I was with my Mom at his last concert in Orlando, remembering how I would laugh as she would cry at the crescendo of the song. It always made her cry and that made me laugh!

Movies are another medium that makes me feel something. Two hours in a movie theater is as good as a weekend away…well it’s close. I get wrapped up in the story and am miles away for that short moment in time. It’s all encompassing when the movie is good and I leave refreshed and inspired.

Places are my favorite to feel. The energy in a room is the immediate feeling I detect. Whether it be the soul of the building or the story of the design; it inspires me. It is interesting to me that the places where I connect are where I belong. Not every place is right for me and I am not right for every place; it is all about the energy.

My favorite moment today was all about the feeling. I was driving home and got a call from my South Florida family and I realized as I was hanging up as I got home that it was my favorite moment of the day as I was feeling so loved, so happy and fulfilled. The smiles on their faces (yes, it might have been a FaceTime but it was hands-free!), the stories, the fellowship made my heart glow. When you surround yourself with the ones you love there simply is NO greater feeling.

My life is all about the “feels” every single one; every sense and every experience. I feel immensely, I live in the deepest of love and I dive into the depths of despair. I would not trade it for neutrality as “even” is not how this KIEL wants to live. Give me the highs, give me the lows; I just want to feel something. I am alive living life as I feel it – L.

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  1. I agree that feelings are the best way of expressing life and our emotions mentally , physically, spiritually. “Can you feel me” is one new way of saying it expressing yourself through your feelings is expressing life

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