Eulogy to my Hero…

#HonoringHer As today's denotes the official day my mom passed last year I thought the best way to honor this sacred day would be to share the eulogy that I gave at her Celebration of Life with our friends and family. I have revised it for content but admittedly it is still a long-read, just... Continue Reading →

Just show up…

Today I am reminded how important it is to simply show up in the lives of those your love. As I am sitting here at 1:38a which is officially one year from the last day I had with my Mom I am reminded of the kindness and selflessness of others. It was that selflessness that... Continue Reading →

Human KIND

I have witnessed some amazing acts of kindness as we all have been exposed to thanks to social media. However I find pleasure in the smaller acts, those that seem less amazing based on “mass appeal”; but are far more impactful because those are the acts of kindness offered when no one is watching. The... Continue Reading →

Music and Mine

So my day starts with a song that brings me straight to the heart of what music meant to my Mom and I and my night ends with the annual Bush concert that me and mine I have come to enjoy as "our thing". I have literally had to move heaven and earth to make... Continue Reading →

What to write about…

I sit here every night wondering what inspired me today enough to make it my subject. And then I have those days that are simply wonderfully random and I have thought I would like to write about all of these "feels" that I have experienced that day. So today is that day, my day of... Continue Reading →

First Day of School

The excitement, the energy it's in the air! Today was my son's first day of 11th grade. Just two more years and he is a FREE AGENT! Ha!!! I love the first day of school and the proceeding week as he will be up early every day, showered, fed and ready to go at our... Continue Reading →

I’ll decide…

This was one of my favorite things my mom would say. We would be contemplating something and she would say "l'll decide" and the debate would ensue. My least favorite thing she would say was "we'll see". She knew it would make me CRAZY and so she would say it as often as possible. The... Continue Reading →

It is what it is…

...or is it? We hear this all the time; it is our cultures way of allowing things that otherwise cause disdain to exist. I checked the Urban Dictionary and it defined it as " Used often in the business world, this incredibly versatile phrase can be literally translated as "fuck it." to this I say #WORD and WOW!!! Sometimes the phrase is... Continue Reading →

Wake Up Call…

...and just like that a blog is created! I am driving home from my litany of errands this morning and Scott Stapp's new song "Wake Up Call" comes on my radio and BOOM I am inspired. First of all, I have to give credit where credit is due. Scott Stapp's new album is SUPERB! I... Continue Reading →

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