Where have you been? Drowning in overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed without a plan to decide everything! Here is how I am overcoming “overwhelmed”. Wow, I pulled up this my treasured blog and realizing that it has been two months since I wrote anything and then realized that the final blog post was on my mom’s anniversary of her passing, more than two months ago.Continue reading “Where have you been? Drowning in overwhelmed.”

The Angst that is Anxiety…

I like so many others are dealing in anxiety daily. It creates an angst that makes you want to run but what exactly is stirring inside of you and where you want to run cannot be identified. It is a whir of nervous energy that unlike excitement breeds a feeling of doom. It feels likeContinue reading “The Angst that is Anxiety…”

The further away the further I go, and other rabbit holes

It has admittedly been weeks since I wrote last. A habit, hobby, outlet that is supposed to be exercised daily. It is not that I did not want to write. It is not that there isn’t anything to write. It is that I could not…trapped like a hostage in the labyrinth that is my mindContinue reading “The further away the further I go, and other rabbit holes”

Seeking Normal…

When pontificating on the theory of Normal one day I needed to get it out of my head and out on paper and from that intention this journal entry was created. Normal.  What is this word?  Is it a verb, is it a noun…let’s dissect this theory (if that is what it is) for aContinue reading “Seeking Normal…”