Day 13 prompt:

How much effort do you put into normal? Is it a routine, discipline or a “flying by the seat of your pants” kind of normal?

My answer:

Well as I have previously indicated, I put a lot of work into normal on a daily basis. I like rules and routines and thrive on lists and plans. Therefore I work to make my normal something as tangible as possible. This is key to my success in life but also defines my greatest weakness, disorganization.

I do not like to “fly by the seat of my pants” in any environment. Not even when I go out, I like a clear list of where I am going, a list of what I am going to get or do while I am out…I love plans! I am sitting here thinking about how I even apply this to things like shopping dates, theme parks, concerts, etc. I always scope out the website to understand where I am going, the best times to go, and in the case of a theme park I look to see what is the optimal route to avoid crowds. Organization is in every single thing I do in this life.

AND THEN…when it is not organized I am useless. Well not literally but ideally. I do not thrive in a messy environment. I do not thrive without an agenda. I do not thrive in spontaneity. I am truly a creature of habit and like to control my environment versus my environment controlling me. CONTROL…well that is a topic for another day! 🙂

This prompt really resonated with me. I didn’t expect it but as I allowed myself to simply answer the prompt with what came to mind I learned a thing or two about myself. Please do the same. Answer the prompt exactly as you read it and with the things that popped into your mind at that very moment. Don’t edit! Don’t polish it up. Let it be raw. This is where the truth lies.

Life as List it – L.

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