Day 15 prompt:

Anjali Kumas said, “At the most fundamental level we are all the same.” What do you see as those fundamentals?

My answer:

It has never been more obvious than now what those fundamentals are as we are all reduced to the same situation. We are human first and foremost. We are reminded that now as we are all at risk equally to the same sickness. Who you are, what your title was and how much money you have matters not to Coronavirus. If you are exposed you are at risk.

I think more importantly the other great equalizer in this time has been our mental health. Those that never admittedly felt anxiety before are facing it for the first time as they are inevitably affected by a situation that they cannot control. Why do I feel anxious? Why am I not able to sleep? Welcome to the power of the mind and ultimately when you have been forced to STOP and take it all in you cannot avoid those feelings that come regardless of you NOT summoning them.

I appreciate this reminder as it creates empathy among us when we are not “better than” because of external factors. All we have is now and ultimately when we are stripped bare of all of our external factors, fundamentally we are all the same. That is real. That is right. Embrace it.

Life as I live it – L.

One response to “Seeking Normal – Day 15”

  1. simpnick19 Avatar

    This is Real This is Right This is the Truth

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