What It’s Like…

The song by Everlast always serves as a reminder of why I have learned to embrace my journey instead of hide it. I have been through more than the average bear in 48 years and some of those tales are not ones you put on BLAST! But it has made me WHO I am forget about what…it’s irrelevant…I am absolutely someone that know “what it’s like” to live in many environments. I have seen the worst of the worst and I have wined and dined among the best of the best and ultimately I love where I am, I love WHO I am because I do know “what it’s like”…

  • to be in love with an addict and lose
  • to work for it and win
  • to have to decide and to have to choose
  • to be fat and thin, healthy and sick
  • to be poor and to have enough.

I have been a single Mom, I have stood in a food stamp line, I have sat in a clinic to get care for myself and then my child, I have worked for every single thing I have achieved and this is why I can understand. I have the privilege of having the depth of an understanding that while attaining it I could never have known I would look back with gratitude for the experience.

Walking in the many shoes I have worn has helped me in my roles as mother, wife, daughter, friend, leader, neighbor and any number of other hats I wear. I understand things that others are quick to judge. I get it. My empathy is real. My mess has always been my message because they were momentary; every setback always had a comeback.

I conclude with my favorite line in the song, which no surprise is; ” You know where it ends, yo, it usually depends on where you start”.

Life as I live it – L.

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