Day 3 prompt:

The Urban Dictionary defines normal as “A word made up by this corrupt society so they could single out and attack those who are different.”

What is your reaction?

My answer:

Well this strikes up quite a bit of emotion as the word “attack” will always strike a chord. I am familiar with this as a reality, in my opinion, of how people with closed minds use the world “normal”. When “they” cannot accept something “out of the norm” they call it out as such to attack, to make those that they are defining feel “less than”. As I am being honest in my response I see this most in religion. If it does not fit that persons belief then it is “not normal”. This is also better stated as intolerance.

While I see things that our outside of my “normal” I am very cognizant of NOT judging which takes practice. It is in our nature to judge even if we believe we don’t because our normal is not someone else’s so those things that are outside of what we call our normal stand out as abnormal. To stop yourself from judging is as simple as striking those thoughts of comparison as they come up. “Normal” is not about what you would do it is about what you tolerate.

I think today’s prompt beyond inspiring the thoughts above is perfect for opening our minds to what we are dealing with TODAY. This is not “normal” because it is not what we know of typical life. It does not make it wrong, it makes it different. If you are thriving in today’s environment it is because you have tolerance for a new normal, even if temporary. You can adjust which is key to living in this world, normal or abnormal.

Let’s take what we are learning today about tolerating a new normal to apply to those that live a different lifestyle than us in the future. Judge less, accept more. By accepting it does not mean that you subscribe, it means that you acknowledge.

That is my take on today’s prompt. What is yours?? Share in the comments as we work together to “Seek Normal”.

Living life as I know it – L.

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