Seeking Normal – Day 4

Day 4 prompt:

What is the normal I am longing for?

My answer:

This one is easy. I long for a day that I am not ridden with anxiety that I cannot define. I long for a day that I end the day feeling inspired and not exhausted. I long for a day when I feel like I know what tomorrow might offer and not fear it. I long for a day that I can invite all of my friends and family over for the fellowship that we are known for engaging friends from all corners of our universe.

In the meantime, I am enjoying the intimacy of being with my immediate family and feel blessed that we are so close in proximity that this part of life is uninterrupted. I am enjoying watching my family weather this crisis as it confirms that we did raise “them” right; they are fighters and it shows. I am enjoying the time at home, we have created a home that serves us and it is paying off. I am enjoying my work and the colleagues that I am blessed to connect with daily now. While I miss the many colleagues that are on leave, I know there will be a day when we will all be together again and that gives me hope but more important the passion to push hard to get them back to work!

Normal is a state of mind not a state of being, in my opinion. I am fortunate that I can switch gears quickly and relate to the state of mind required at that point in time. This has served me well in my life and certainly now as I am not as antsy to sprint out the door as many of my social media friends.

What is the normal that YOU are longing for? Share in the comments. Be honest and reveal as it comes to you mind; don’t analyze or overthink it!

Life as I long for it – L.

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