Last year we published a prompt journal called “Seeking Normal” after a journal entry I had written about my journey to get back to normal after losing my Mom. It was in that journey that I began to understand that this “normal” I was searching for likely never existed. My original post can be found by clicking on the book cover below. It is raw because it was through that unconscious writing session that it occurred to me that what I was searching for what will NEVER be again.

It was after that day that I began to “accept” that normal is a state of being but is not “real”. Normal is what you make it, what you believe it to be. There is a process in finding normal or identifying it as it is exists in your mind versus your reality.

There is NO time like the present to pull this journal out and explore this NEW normal that we all find ourselves in. For this is normal as it exists now and the sooner we realize it the sooner the angst that is driving us to want to break-out will resolve.

My offering TODAY is to launch a 90-day online journal series where we will explore the daily prompts online. I will post that day’s journal prompt and answer within the post.

So let’s get started…

Day 1 prompt:

So, we know what the dictionary says (about “normal”).

How do you define “normal”? How does that fit with how you feel the world defines it?”

My answer:

I define normal as a routine that reoccurs over a series of days, weeks…any amount of time. I have routines that I prefer and want as my “normal” however that does not make it so. My normal right now is waking up early, as I always have, writing, working out, getting ready for work and then walking to the dining room table where I will work. My commute is much less as it is a walk through the kitchen to get to that dining room table versus the hour in the car that I used to spend to drive the 50 miles to my office. This is what the start of a normal day now looks like, better or worse is irrelevant as it is what it is and for now this is my new normal. In my mind, it is important to label “normal” so I am not longing for something that is not possible.

How the world defines it? Well my impression is that normal is something that is standard. Dinner table fellowship, going to work, playing with friends on the weekends…yes that is what we are taught is “normal” but ultimately that is NOT normal but quite the exception at this time in our lives. It is why we see so many people going out of their homes despite the order to STAY HOME! When you are “seeking” you cannot find contentment.

This is my Day 1 entry and I invite you to note your response in the comments section to continue this conversation. Let’s unite and find understanding by sharing our common condition. We are human, we are one trying to find “normal” together. You sharing how you are exploring this new journey will help someone else…please share. – L.

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